2022 Season Influenza Vaccines have arrived. A 4th dose of COVID-19 vaccine is now approved for people 65 years and over.
Influenza vaccine can be co-administered with any of the COVID-19 vaccines. Novavax and Pfizer vaccine (adult and paediatric) are available at NSGP. See below for details.
We welcome Dr Nicholas (Nick) Pelzer
Dr Pelzer is a former colleague and registrar of Dr Sarah Horniblow and has joined the practice from October 7th 2021.
Trusted doctors
Dr Elizabeth (Libby) Harris is a highly experienced, trusted and respected general practitioner with particular interests in travel health, sexual health, women’s health, paediatrics, menopause and mental health.
Clinical Excellence
Dr Graham Chaffey is an Accredited Skin Cancer Doctor and performs routine skin checks and complex skin surgery.
Exceptional Care
An experienced GP and Women’s Health Clinician, Dr Sarah Horniblow has additional training in IUD and hormonal implant insertion.

Clinical excellence, exceptional care.

North Sydney General Practice is owned and operated by a handful of experienced GPs.

With over 25 years in General Practice we are able to manage the broad range of health conditions and have special interests that include Skin Cancer Medicine and Contraceptive Procedures.
We now have supply of all 2022 season flu vaccines and will be administering as usual. Please be aware that the flu vaccine can now be co-administered with any of the COVID-19 vaccines.
From April 1st 2022, healthy people 65 years and over are eligible for a 4th dose of COVID-19 vaccine. The preferred vaccines are Pfizer and Moderna, but Novavax and Astra Zeneca may also be used. The recommended interval between the third and fourth doses of COVID-19 vaccine is 4 months.
Novavax is approved for use in people over the age of 18 years. 
It may be given as a primary course of vaccine, with two doses separated by 3 weeks, and is now also approved as a booster dose for people over the age of 18 who have had either of the mRNA vaccines or Astra Zeneca vaccine for their primary course.
From January 10th 2022, children aged 5 – 11years will be eligible to receive the paediatric Pfizer Comirnaty vaccine.
The paediatric vaccine will be administered as 2 doses separated by 8 weeks. Please book online for our Monday afternoon and weekend clinics.

Booster doses of Pfizer vaccine are now approved for people over the age of 16 years who completed their primary course of vaccine at least 4 months ago.

Pfizer Comirnaty or Moderna Spikevax are considered to be the vaccines of choice for the booster dose, regardless of the vaccine used for the primary course. Astra Zeneca is also approved for booster doses for people who cannot have an mRNA vaccine, or who prefer to have Astra Zeneca.


From February 2022, immunocompromised people are eligible for a fourth dose of COVID-19 vaccine. Pfizer Comirnaty or Moderna vaccines are preferred for the fourth dose, regardless of the vaccine received for the initial 3 dose course. The fourth dose can be administered four months after the third dose of the primary course.

For more information regarding eligibility, please use this web-link: https://www.health.gov.au/news/atagi-statement-on-the-use-of-a-3rd-primary-dose-of-covid-19-vaccine-in-individuals-who-are-severely-immunocompromised



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