Patient Information

Consultations are by appointment only. A standard consultation is 15 minutes in length. If you have more than one problem, or a complicated problem, please book a longer appointment. If more than one family member wishes to see the doctor, they will usually each require a separate appointment.

If you have an urgent problem requiring immediate attention, one of the doctors will review you and arrange for appropriate management or transfer to the Emergency Department. If you would like to be seen on the day but the problem is non-urgent you will be offered the earliest available appointment. 

Home visits and Aged Care Facility visits are offered by some of our doctors, for their regular patients only. Please enquire through reception for details.

Medicare has at least 9 different basic item numbers for standard skin procedures, depending on the pathology result. Our policy is to charge a fixed amount on top of the medicare rebate, as listed below.

Our fees from March 2023 will be:

Consultation Type Fee Medicare Rebate Gap Payment
Standard (Level B) $95.00 $41.20 $53.80
Long (Level C) 20 – 30 minutes $135.00 $80.10 $54.90
Long (Level C) > 30 minutes $163.00 $80.10 $82.90
Extended (> 40 minutes Level D) $200.00 $118.00 $82.00
Extended (>50 minutes Level D)


$118.00 $147.00

Medicare has at least 9 different basic item numbers for standard skin procedures, depending on the pathology result. Our policy is to charge a fixed amount on top of the medicare rebate, as listed below.

skin cancer checkMedicare rebate + $55.90
cryotherapyMedicare rebate + $15.00
biopsyMedicare rebate + $50.00
excisionMedicare rebate + $120.00
complex excision (flap or graft)Medicare rebate + $180.00

Your medical record is a confidential document. It is the policy of this practice to maintain security of personal health information at all times and to ensure that this information is only available to authorised members of staff.

We follow the requirements of the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988, and subsequent Amendments of 2001 and 2012 and adhere to the Australian Privacy Principles (APP) which came into effect in 2014.

Your doctor will make arrangements for you to obtain test results. You may need to return for a followup appointment, or your doctor may phone you. It is important that all patients receive their test results, and your doctor will make specific arrangements to ensure this.

Website: We encourage patients to book appointments through our Website, using the HotDocs booking facility.

Telephone: The practice has four phone lines, with an on-hold option for calls that cannot be taken immediately. The system records incoming calls so that if a call is missed, receptionists can trace this and return the call. It is not possible to leave a message.

If you wish to speak to a doctor, you will generally be asked to leave a message and the call will be returned within 48 hours for non -urgent problems. You may also be requested to make a specific time for a phone consultation.

Email: The practice email is non secure and is for administration purposes only. We discourage clients from using the email for clinical communications. Staff will respond to queries by phoning the client, rather than replying to the email.


For all IUD and implanon insertions, and for implanon removals, patients will require an initial appointment for counselling and consent. This will be billed according to the length of the consultation, and the out of pocket expense will be roughly $55.

IUD insertion  $300    medicare rebate $75.05

Implanon insertion  $130   rebate  $35

Implanon removal  $130  rebate  $50

Botox injectable (Xeomin) is charged at $15.50 per unit.

We provide a comprehensive travel medical service with advice on vaccinations, anti-malarials and other travel issues. We are an approved Yellow Fever vaccination provider. Some travel vaccinations may need to be ordered in and also may need to be given up to six weeks apart, so plan your travel health visit at least two months before departure. 

The doctors are able to provide repeat prescriptions for medications that have previously been prescribed, and renew referrals for regular specialist visits. Requests can be made by phone or online. The fee for repeat scripts and referrals is $45.

In the event that your doctor receives a result or communication that requires further discussion, you will be recalled for a followup appointment. This will usually  occur via telephone, or SMS if you have provided consent for this.

In addition, we keep a comprehensive record of reminders for preventive health care, including blood tests, immunisations and cancer screening. Unless you request otherwise, you will receive SMS or written reminders for these screening tests and procedures when they are due.

We will do our best to adhere to appointment times, but the nature of general practice is such that this is not always possible. Occasionally, urgent problems may need to take priority over our scheduled bookings. Our reception staff will do their utmost to ensure that you are kept informed if you are likely to be kept waiting.

In the event of an emergency, please call 000.

The doctor on call is available between 5:30pm and 8:00am on weekdays, and 24 hours a day over the weekends.

The doctor can be contacted after hours by phoning the surgery mobile: Ph: 0456 153 753

Alternatively, the Home Doctor Service can be contacted on 1300 SICK.

We are conveniently located in Angelo St North Sydney (official address 1/245 Pacific Highway), which is a one way street running from McLaren St to Berry St parallel to the Pacific Highway.  Metered parking is available in Angelo St, in McLaren St and in nearby Miller and Church Streets. There is also a Wilsons Parking station located at the bottom of Angelo St.

There is a bus stop immediately outside the practice on the Pacific Highway, and the practice is approximately 10 minutes walk up the hill from Greenwood Plaza and North Sydney Train Station.

If you have a problem or suggestion we would like to hear about it. Please feel free to talk to your Doctor or one of our experienced reception staff.

We take your concerns, suggestions and complaints seriously. However, if you feel we have not handled your complaint in appropriate manner and wish someone to mediate on your behalf you can contact:

NSW Health Care Complaints Commission
Locked Bag 18
Strawberry Hills, NSW 2012